MetaNet Labs is formed

In mid 2019, MetaNet Labs, a sister company to MetNet Solutions is formed under the holding group of Layer2. Metanet Labs focuses on blockchain education with specific interests in increasing visibility and awareness, as well as upskilling existing enthusiasts, students, professionals and corporate organisations in order to create ground breaking products for the next technological revolution.

The blockchain of focus will be Bitcoin SV. The choice for this is simple, it is by far the most adaptable platform to build anything on. With no scalability issues, as present in Ethereum, we are able to build, and teach others to build on an unrestricted platform that is fixed and not prone to developer meddling. We take pride in the fact that we are the first training organisation to deliver Metanet based training. We believe that the Metanet will be the future of the information/value superhighway. Supplanting the internet as it provides a much more advanced and secure environment to build and browse.